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For fans of the king of football, what is Galacticos is certainly not a difficult question to answer because this is a very common term in football. So what’s interesting and innovative about Galacticos through many generations will be brought to you by 55BMW in today’s news section.


What is the concept of Galacticos in football?

For football fans in general, especially those who love Spanish national football, the word Galacticos is certainly no longer unfamiliar. In fact, Galacticos is the word used to refer to the players with the best football ability at the royal club, Real Madrid.

In Spanish, they are compared to “galaxies” or “stars”. These were the most famous and expensive players in the world at that time, and President Florentino Pérez spent a lot of effort to sign contracts to bring them back. The main goal is to build a powerful, Real football team that nothing can stop.

Currently, Galacticos is commonly used to refer to talented players of football teams around the world. But in general, when asked about Galacticos, everyone only thinks of Real Madrid players, a characteristic feature when mentioning this club. Similar to football, this word is also used in some other sports, such as rugby…

Although they brought great fame to Real Madrid, the Galacticos contracts also received a lot of criticism from football viewers. Because these contracts always have extremely high value to be attractive enough for players to leave their current team. Therefore, they are often criticized for lacking loyalty to their old team.

The process of formation and development of the Galacticos generation

Galacticos has a very special formation and development process because creating successful contracts is a very laborious negotiation process. Let’s follow along to see what’s so special about this process that wastes so much ink from the press.

In 2002, President Perez wished to make the Dacima dream (10 C1 cups in the fastest time) come true. He started implementing the Galacticos 1.0 project with the aim of building an invincible football team. These contracts created huge explosions in the transfer market at that time.

Through it, Real is becoming more and more famous and receiving the attention of football fans around the world. Following the development momentum, generations of Galacticos 2.0 and 3.0 continue to be born with the purpose of maintaining the throne in football.

However, the effectiveness of Galacticos gradually decreased significantly. Even though the squad is full of famous stars, Real Madrid cannot advance deeply in many major tournaments.

The most famous players belong to the Galacticos system

Each generation of Real Madrid’s Galacticos has names that shock the press. These names contributed to Real’s success at that time.

Elegant gentleman David Beckham is one of the valuable faces of the Galacticos 1.0 generation, with a contract that smells of commercialization. In addition to the name Beckham, I9Bet cannot help but mention Zidane with his skillful playing techniques that helped Real Madrid lift the 2002 UEFA Champions League championship trophy.

Luis Figo is also one of the faces contributing to the boom of the Galacticos 1.0 generation. This player is known as one of the best right-wingers of all time, with a transfer contract worth 60 million Euros. Generation 1.0 is also the generation that makes bettors deposit money to bet the most.

What is Generation Galacticos in the 2.0 era?

Continuing the success of generation 1.0, generation 2.0 Real continues to recruit the bright face Ronaldo. CR7 is known as a great goalscorer who has helped Real bring in many achievements and huge profits that cannot be estimated. Also in this generation, a number of other talented players were also introduced such as Kaka, Karim Benzema, Xabi Alonso…

Galacticos  3.0 generation project at the present time

To implement the Galacticos 3.0 plan, President Perez sold less-used members and according to the plan intended to recruit famous names such as Daniele Rugani, Christian Eriksen, Harry Kane to Real… This name doesn’t really get the same attention and interest as previous generations.

What are Galacticos?they are the most famous players playing for Real Madrid. Hopefully, with the information provided, we help you better understand Galacticos.

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